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About Us



Friends extending their friendship into a entrepreneur relationship is often a heard thing and Snackd is one amongst them.

Pareen a law graduate from Queen marry university of London and Nikhil a Chartered Accountant, started their professional journey, a cliché path that everyone chooses without a second thought.

In their discussions about their work life, an element that was always missing: Satisfaction.

These workplaces are like pressure cooker, taking a toll on your health and mind at the same time.

Who We Are


Remember what were Steve Jobs last words?

“You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear the sickness for you”

It has been rightly said “Health is wealth” and that is what Snackd is all about.

Without much ado, Health was in both of our families, hence we realized it very soon and wanted to inculcate it amongst the masses. Infact, Covid has accentuated the situation and has helped us reflect on our unhealthy diet which has led to weak immunity.

Coming back to this concept, it was practiced it their homes but only Pareen’s dad and Nikhil’s brother took it seriously. Results shouldn’t surprise you.


Get Healthy Snacky Way

Pareen’s Dad

Get Healthy Snacky Way

Nikhil’s Brother after he woke up to be Healthified :

Aha don’t confuse it with gymming, it was the right diet in a snacky way.

So get on the bandwagon of getting heathified in a Snacky way.